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Aurora Automobile provide a completely new mobility experience in Korea. we offer eco-friendly electric vehicles at reasonable prices & perfect service.


Due to high oil prices and the effects of air pollution, interest in electric vehicle has recently increased in Korea. In addition, the Korean electric vehicle market has great potential for growth, as the Korean government is actively promoting electric vehicles and implementing subsidies for electric vehicles.

In order to realize such electric vehicle business opportunities in Korea, Global experts in vehicle import, distribution, sales and marketing have gathered to launch the Aurora.

We aim to be the best electric vehicle import / distribution company in Korea.

PIAO JINGZHE, CEO of Aurora automobile
∙ General manager of Korea branch, Shuguang Automotive Group
∙ Operator of 北京极东,
Beijing Hyundai Motors Parts Supplier
∙ Operator of Tengyu, Hubei Wuhan
Special Purpose Vehicle company
∙ Chinese People’s Liberation Army


Aurora is consist of three business units specialized in each area and achieves optimal results through synergies between business units.

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We represent “Vehicle import turnkey solution” that encompasses vehicle certification, distribution & sales, maintenance as well as brand management, Strategic Planning Office of Aurora-Nature Mobility Group  is constantly exploring various business opportunities.

Operation of
semi-public bus company

Based on the B2G network, we promote the excellence of the bus model we import and distribute operating revenue through the  semi-public bus company. Based on a high level of maintenance service and brand management, we constantly find replacement demand.

Vehicle sales to
large-scale customers

We sell vehicles on a large scale and provide maintenance services to buyers based on our B2B sales channels. We constantly manage our sales channels to capture when buyers need to replace their cars and suggest the best vehicles. And we are constantly looking for new sales opportunities.

Supply of school, 
commuter bus
and solution

Based on our B2B sales capabilities and the service development capabilities of Nature Mobility, we provide operating solutions along with vehicle sales.

Vehicle sales to
corporations / individuals

Our affiliate company Nature Mobility carries out marketing activities for partner vehicle brands. And based on this, we sell a variety of vehicle models to businesses and individuals.



Considering B2G / B2B network in Korea, car distribution / sales capability and marketing capability, Aurora is the best partner for your car brand’s successful entry into Korea. your feedback or business alliance to us is always welcome.